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Mike And Nick And The Pumpkin Patch

Posted on Dec 2, 2014 by in Books |

mike nick coverRemember the excitement of visiting Grandpa? If Grandpa lives in he country and has a very large pumpkin patch, then the excitement is all the greater. Mike and Nick love to visit their Grandpa and today the visit is special because they are going to choose their very own pumpkins.

Mike and Nick are astounded at the size of the pumpkin patch, and also by the many pumpkins they see. It is not easy to find the PERFECT PUMPKIN but after much searching, they finally find the right one for each of them. The dogs, of course, help as much as they can - Sevvy by jumping over and over the pumpkins, and Jake by lying down and watching Sevvy and the boys.

mike nick 3Suddenly Mike and Nick see a ghost! Grandpa, knowing there is no such thing as a real ghost, chases the ghost and finally catches him. To everyone's delight, the ghost turns out to be Sevvy, the dog.

mike nick 1The illustrations for this book began as oil paintings with big, bold, bright colors. Your child will enjoy the wonderful way Carol Mathis has portrayed each character in the story, complete with Grandpa's crooked mustache.

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About The Author & Illustrators

joan mugJoan Barsotti (October 1939-August 2010) lived in an orchard, in a log cabin, next to a forest. She wrote and published children’s picture books and was a popular visiting author at elementary schools throughout Northern California.  [more]

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