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Nana Gets A Cat

Posted on Dec 2, 2014 by in Books |

nana gets cat cover

K.C. (Kitty Cat) is a barn cat and has lived in the barn for two years and for two years he has pretended that the scarecrow is his family. One day K.C. decides that he wants to have a real family.

K.C. is a very friendly cat. He likes the customers who come to Grandma’s barn to buy apples, he likes Matt, he likes the two dogs, he likes Grandma, and he especially likes Nana.

Matt understands that K.C. wants a real family and tries to help him find one. Both of them know that Nana would be the right person for K.C., but Nana does not want a cat in her house. “A cat is too much trouble,” she says repeatedly.

nana mom dad girl catMatt tries to take K.C. up to Grandma’s house, but Grandma’s cat, Ginger, is very unfriendly to K.C. She does NOT want another cat in her house. Luckily,

nana cat scarecrowNana finally realizes that K.C. is the perfect cat for her and all ends well.

*This is a real story, with the exception of one of the characters who was replaced by a younger character.


Nana Gets a Cat
By: Joan Barton Barsotti and Carol Mathis (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0964211211 ISBN-13: 9780964211216
Publisher: Barsotti Publishing Company (2000) Paperback | 1ST Edition | 24 Pages | Product Dimensions: 8.43 x 5.85 x 0.73 inches

$5.99 each


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About The Author & Illustrators

joan mugJoan Barsotti (October 1939-August 2010) lived in an orchard, in a log cabin, next to a forest. She wrote and published children’s picture books and was a popular visiting author at elementary schools throughout Northern California.  [more]

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